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Automatically minimize any application to the windows tray
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Display resolutions have increased, but Windows taskbar still usually gets crowded. Most users keep many programs open and use all of them. However, they do not use them all at the same time. Some programs remain minimized for long periods and are accessed only from time to time. MinimizeToTrayTool comes with a nice solution to this problem. It minimizes those programs to the system tray area. The advantage is that they occupy much less space there and accessing them is still easy.

When you first open the application, a dialog box appears informing you how to use this tool. Selecting the software that you want minimized in the system tray area is easy: you just browse for the EXE file or type its name and add it to the list.

Another way to minimize apps to the tray area is by using the right-click menu on the system tray icon of a program. There, you will find a list of open applications and you can select any of them to be minimized. Sometimes, though, using this option causes a problem: the program can get “lost” – it minimizes but fails to appear in the system tray. You can’t find it in the alt-tab list so the only way to maximize it again is to re-execute it.

Still, if you have way too many open programs on your taskbar, you may want to try this free tool.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Small size
  • Easy to use
  • Remembers the programs you want to minimize
  • Option to minimize all programs to system tray


  • Programs get "lost" sometimes
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